How To Keep Your Nails Healthy

I am crazy about my nails-I take care of them as much as I can. Hahahaha- just kidding. I don’t. I spend my time taking care of other stuff. But it doesn’t work. Taking care of my hair, my hair is like, “You wish!”. Taking care of my skin be like “Meh!”. My body is like “Control your food cravings”. Okay enough blabbing let’s just jump straight into the topic and try to take care of my nails.

  • Clean your nails 
  • Moisturize 
  • Apply nail polish to avoid breaking 
  • Stop biting. PLEASE! 
  • Don’t use your nails as tools 
  • Don’t remove your cuticle 
  • Intake a proper diet 
  • Intake calcium 
  • Don’t expose your nails to water for too long 
  • Use hand gloves 
  • Be careful about the products you use 
  • Avoid using gel or acrylic nails, if possible 
  • Give your nails a short break from polish 
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Okay guys-thank you guys for reading. Hope you guys enjoyed and found this helpful. Goodbye. Sorry for uploading late- exams and all.  

                                                                                                       Signing off 


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Tips to Study

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Hi lovelies want study tips? Okay let’s keep the intro short simple and sweet-Let’s jump right into the topic. 

#Concentrate and focus 

Do it. It will help you. Without concentration and focus how are you supposed to do? Distraction is the last thing you want while you study. 

#2 Select the best time for YOU 

Yes-people are different, remember diversity? I’m more of a night owl and I prefer to study to in the peaceful nights. It depends on you if you want to study at night or morning. 

#3 Sit in a place without distraction 

A bed will be a distraction so will be a phone ringing with notifications. Sit on a table where the place is quiet, calm and airy.

#4 Sit in a well-ventilated place 

Sitting in a well-ventilated and airy place will help you breathe in enough fresh air which will result in keeping your mind cool. 

#5 Make a timetable 

If You’re bad at time management, like me- this one’s gonna be a gem for you. Make a timetable. But more important is that you follow it. Yes, it doesn’t make any sense to make one if you don’t follow it 

#6 Wear comfy clothes 

Yes, you didn’t see this one coming up, did you? Whatever you are not sitting for a fashion show-so put on those oversized, no one is seeing you 

stylish woman stretching leg on wooden sofa

#7 Listen to music  

Yeah, it can help you, it may not. It helps me when I am doing any sort of written work. 

#8 Take breaks 

Take breaks-yes very important, take breaks. After studying for a long time-continuously-yon need a break. Have a snack, drink some water or just stretch out muscles. 

#9 Reward yourself 

After completing a chapter reward yourself with the thing you love this will help you to motivate yourself and study harder 

#10 Sit with snacks and water 

Sitting with snacks and water will help you to avoid distractions of hunger and thirst. 

#11 Keep changing the subject you’re studying every two hours 

Studying a subject for 10 hours straight will annoy you do your nerves, making it boring. So, keep changing the subject. 

#12 It is better to have a hard copy of stuff 

#13 Let out your stress 

#14 Make your schedule flexible 

Hope you find this helpful. Signing off  



Hey, are you a music lover? If the answer is yes (which definitely is) then this is for you guys. I am a huge music addict and I am listening to songs all the time. And being a huge music addict, how couldn’t I include a post dedicated to music? 

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Music is a powerful of weapon fights against stress, depression, negativity etc. Music helps you to uplift your mood, dance it out and fall in love. Music will be a friend to you when you are alone, music will love you just the way you are. Music will prevent the idiotic and stupid small talk from the cruel world enter your peaceful world. Music will teach you to be yourself, how to be savage how to love and what not. Music will not judge you like the other people do- depending on their opinions. Music is like sweets; it’s everyone’s guilty pleasure and one can never get bored of it.  

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BTW if you’re curiosity arouses and wants to know what type of music a listen to, I would to like to tell your curiosity that I listen to Hindi, English and sometimes Bengali songs.  

Thank you for reading. And sorry for being so late- I would only need two words to describe why- Exam Stress. Okay guys like comment and follow for more- Signing off, Abhilasha  💙💚💙💚

The Little Things in Life

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The little things in life bring so much more joy in our lives that the huge materialistic things in our life. The materialistic stuff will lose it’s importance in our lives after a bit of time. A little thing like having a bathtub to relax into after a long and tedious day. A little hug from your cat-Ooh! Or even getting a new pet is so exciting and joyful. Reading Harry Potter sitting by your window on a rainy day smelling the fresh rain with a cup of warm coffee- How does that sound? Listening to your favorite artist on repeat. Painting you nails perfectly- I need that in my life. Having a delicacy when you were starving hungry. Goody-Good! Meeting up with your bestie after years. Learning to speak a foreign language fluently. Giving a kid a chocolate-Its all the same. Being contented with what you have is the main motive of my message. Enjoy your life to the fullest at whatever age, age doesn’t matter. So guys smile, when you smile it makes me happy😀.

PS.- Here’s is the list of stuff I enjoy as ‘little things in life’.

  • Reading
  • Getting a kiss from my brother
  • Seeing increase in my followers😜
  • Texting my friends
  • Cleaning my room/decorating my room
  • Doing a difficult math problem correct in one go
  • Getting new storybooks

Love You😍

22/1/21-I wrote my first Thank You post to Thank you guys for following my website and making me reach the milestone of 10 followers. And only in 8 days- you guys made it to 20 followers. I can’t thank you guys enough. Seeing 20 followers on my website in 8 days was awesome!!!😇😇 Like I am so irregular with my posts but you still followed me. I am so grateful, thankful, appreciative and to be honest a bit proud. Thanks to my friends and family for filling me up with positive vibes. And thanks to all the singers I’ve been listening to while writing my posts.😂🤣 Lastly- thanks (again) for making me believe that I somewhat have the talent of writing. I am so speechless so I am writing(puns😜😜). BTW if you find this stupid, cringed or straight away weird, I would like to remind you that I am still a 13 year old teen🤣🤣. LOVE YOU💝💝.

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12 Tips to Follow While Writing

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Hi, and welcome back. Today’s topic will be simple-I shall give you some advice to follow while writing. So first I would like to clarify two things.

  • I am only 13
  • Based on 7 years of my experience-only

#1 If you are writing a short story, try to complete it in one sitting

     While writing a short story, it’s very important to follow this rule. A short story has to be completed in one sitting as if you go about wandering in places, you will easily get distracted and you might forget what you were about to write and you need to start all over again.

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#2 Before writing make at least two drafts

     When you write you should make at least two drafts, one in your head and one in your notebook

#3 Listen to music

     Well this may not  work for you but for me it works wonders. If  you listen to you favorite songs-it will help you to calm down your mind and help you to think.

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#4 Be in the mood

     Yes! This is VERY important-you must be in the mood to write. Without being in the mood to write-you won’t be able to write good stuff.

#5 Have patience

     When you write a long story-have patience while writing. Without patience you will not be able to write/express your heart and you will not be able to write what you wanted to.

#6 Read

     Reading is very important for a writer. Reading helps the writer to be creative and needless to say you learn new words. Your vocabulary knowledge increases

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#7 Try to be funny and savage

     It doesn’t matter what type of of story you’re writing-a bit of humour and sarcasticness never hurted anyone

#8 The first line should be catching

     If the first line opens up to a mystery filled line, it will engage the reader and will encourage the reader and will encourage the reader to read further

#9 Sit with a clear mind

      Sitting with a clear mind while writing and knowing what you want to write will help you to reach your motive

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#10 Practice writing

      Practice writing almost everyday. If not anything-try to maintain a journal

#11 Write using all your senses

       Using all your senses while writing will help your reader to conceive the message you’re trying to give out. This will help you to write in beautiful language

#12 Write you want to write

       Writing what you want to write-what you find interesting will encourage you to write. If you want to write romance, fiction, thrillers, horror, comedy, drama-anything your heart desires.

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That’s it for today. I hope you found it useful. Comment if you want me to explain anything from these points. 💝you guys. Thank you for 15 followers.

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Annual Sports Day (Essay)

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In our school, Annual Sports Day. is generally observed during the winter month of January. It is normally organised in our school compound. The students are requested to assemble in our grounds by 10:00am, after registering their names for the respective sports. 

Annual sports day is observed with great preparations. All the students are asked to participate in at least 2 of the fun-filled track and field events. It begins with the welcome of the chief guests and they have the honour to the flag hoisting ceremony. Many games are organised for example high jump, long jump, huddle race, running race, sack race etc. After the completion of the events, programs like singing, dancing and acting are conducted. The chief guests distribute the prizes and medals. Every student gets the certificate of participation. The winners get medals and prizes. The students who perform in the programs also receive prizes. When the events come to an end the chief guests deliver the speech following the National Anthem. Food pouches containing cake, fruits and chips are also distributed.

After the events come to an end and it’s time for us to leave the grounds, I feel a bit sad but content with myself. The sports day reminds me that along with studies a healthy mind and body is equally important. I may not have won any prizes or medals but participating in the competition was fun and afterall new experience teach us new things

Thank You💝😊

Thank you all my followers even though they are only 10.. It is a great achievement to me. And to be honest I never thought 10 people would read my blogs and like it so much that they will follow my blog.. You know, I never thought that in two freaking months, I will even have people following my blog cause I am a person who gives up easily when I don’t get motivation. But my friends and my family supported me from the beginning and because of the support I was able to achieve this.. I know you may feel like I am bragging.. But I really am thankful to everyone.. These are word from a mere 13 year old teen, please cooperate😂😂. THANK YOU AND 💖YOU.. THANK YOU TO SUPPORT ME ONLY WITH 16 POSTS😀😀.. LET US CELEBRATE.. IT IS YOUR ACHIEVEMENT-NOT MINE💖💖🥰🥰

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Winter in Kolkata

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Winter in Kolkata is quite pleasant unlike the summer seasons. The weather is very pleasant with cold breezes and preventing the scorching rays of the sun during is always a win-win. Winter season is a favorite for many people. One of the many reasons is that variety of vegetables are found during this time of the year. Many people go out on vacations to enjoy with their families. Students get winter vacations from their institutions, to enjoy. Many tourists come from around the world to Kolkata as it’s called the City of Joy. People drink tea coffee and even hot chocolate to warm up their bodies. Many delicious sweets are made out of jaggery which people enjoy. Ultimately winter in Kolkata is very pleasant and nice.

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