Reacting to Funny Texts

Okay I don’t know why I am doing this-honestly I’ve seen a lot of these kinds of these videos. But never read anything like this 🙃. And to be honest I’ve always thought that those people who enjoy seeing the videos are only there for a good time of reading awkward texts. The people only come there to see the texts and not the actual reactor. To be honest, why shy away from you? I don’t like the concept of reacting. Because we all know why people don’t normally see the reactor but the creator. Get what I mean? And I want to assure you guys that I might not “react” to these but “roast” these. What a change of words. Yeah call me a hypocrite, I don’t care. The intro is too long.😑. Okay I don’t know if y’all like this I mean enjoy these. But here we go😅.

1] First of all, how did the son/daughter doesn’t know that they ain’t have any maid? And was the dad sitting in the car? I mean he is like “meet me in the car now” like-he is at some other place it will take some time for him to come to his house right? Now i sound so stupid because I read this at midnight.

2] I have a friend like this- I mean he might do this. I don’t know. He even saved another of our common friend’s name as 50 Shades of Cheese. Psycho [no name reveals] if you’re reading this. I am so sorry but this reminds me straight up of you.

3] Sweet Jesus- so you are trying to tell me that dogs have personal cell phones? And they can even use them? And your dog texts you at 2:45 am in the morning?

4] OHHHH! Shots fired, insert as many memes you can think of.

5] Dad’s savage. GOLD. 

6] I mean why not should mom’s have all the fun? Mommy decided to have her name under the name of Savage people. Parents are SAVAGE.

7] I don’t know why I’m doing this, doing stuff that people make videos of. But I can tell you one thing that I laughed for 5 minutes straight. I mean I’m ridiculous, I even have a channel, I could post this there but didn’t. SUBSCRIBE.

8] Sit near the plug point dude, carry a power bank. Or just stop using your phone that much. But my question is. That the battery is a woman and not a man?

9] We got some fresh puns here-and not only the person you’re sending this message to is stuck. In fact, everyone else reading this is.

10] Ummm. Who got that long of a nose? I mean I think you were more drunk than your friend. Otherwise you wouldn’t have asked your friend to do a challenge like this.

Otherwise you wouldn’t have asked your friend to do a challenge like this.

And on this note-oh sorry text image, let’s end today’s “reaction” game. Like seriously. What am I doing with my life? Okay reveal time, I just wanted to you know be unique. Anyways-

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Happy Father’s Day

To all the Dads, Fathers, Papas, Pops, Babas, Pitajis, Babujis,- whatever you call your father, here’s a short Thank You note.

Everyone writes about the tenderness of a mother’s love. Everyone writes how we should respect our mothers. But have you ever thought why people don’t write much about the love of a father? Because a father’s love is invisible. Father’s have a different way of seeing the word love. Father’s don’t express their love for their child like a mother does. We have a tendency to take a father’s love for granted. Just because we don’t see love, doesn’t mean it does not exist. Have you ever stopped and thought about the love your father has given to you? He has shown you love through his sacrifices. He has shown love through his scoldings. He has shown you love by letting you do things which he knows are not good for you because he wants you to learn through experiences.He has shown you love through his scoldings. He has shown you through working overtime to earn better and fulfil your dreams. He has shown you love through discouraging you but encouraging you at the same time. He has shown love through seeing your dreams as his own dreams. He has shown you love by making tea/ coffee when you were working late at night. He has put up his own blankets on you on cold nights so that you can sleep tight. He has always wanted your best. He has shown you love in so many more ways you can’t even think about. He has and always will be a crutch to you till his last breath.

He loves you unconditionally. All he wants back from you is LOVE and RESPECT. He wants you to pick up the calls which you leave as “Missed”. He wants you to appreciate his efforts to make you what you are today. He wants you to appreciate him for being a role model. He has left so many things he enjoyed or wanted to do just to be a role model for you. He always has given his best to you. 

So a big Thank You to all the Father’s And yes-pick up his calls, that might be his last call. Then your father will be there, but only on your phone’s contact list. 

Love you Papa ❤

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Olivia Stephens.

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5 Weird Phobias #2

As I wrote weird phobias, part one [Link-] I started to do more research-and I found so many other weird phobias, which of course I couldn’t wait to share with you guys. So here’s part two.

Alliumphobia-Fear of Garlic

Garlic bread could cause a panic attack for someone with an extraordinary fear of garlic. It’s much more than just a dislike of the potent vegetable’s taste-people with a dislike of the potent vegetable’s taste-people with alliumphobia might start to shake or feel unable to breathe when around garlic or other pungent plants like onions and chives. Alliumphobes would not even want to go near garlic, let alone eating it. 

Alliumphobia comes from the Latin word allium for garlic bulb.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Phobophobia-Fear of having a phobia

Unfortunately people with this phobia are fighting a losing battle, the fear of acquiring a phobia. It’s likely they probably don’t want to know about phobias. And to me it’s so weird like you have a phobia of not having a phobia. But you already have a phobia. Overthinking multiplied by 100.

Top 10 Strange Types of Social Phobia

Dextrophobia-Fear of having objects to your right

With a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, some people can’t stand to have objects at the right side of their body which could make it hard to drive in the fast lane with vehicles to the right. Anyone who suffers from this fear might well endure highly annoying periods of anxiousness due to their mental illness. Someone who experiences dextrophobia might carry out certain strange compulsions to make sure that no objects must reside to the right side og=f their body.

Dextrophobia comes from the Latin word Dextro meaning right.

Haphephobia: Understanding Fear of Touch

Logophobia-Fear of reading

People with the fear of words function fine in conversations, but when shown written words, they could become breathless, shaky or paranoid. Most people with Logophobia don’t know how to read and they may refuse to try to learn. This fear typically originates from childhood, where the frequency of learning new words can cause distress and reading. Another cause is frustration from frequent misspellings.

Logophobia comes from the Greek word Logo meaning word.

The 7 Best Books To Improve Influencing Skills - Roffey Park Institute


While most people would prefer to succeed at something rather than fail, people with kakorrhaphiophobia have sometimes incapacitating fear of failure.

Kakorrhaphiophobia comes from a Greek word Kakos meaning “bad and evil”

Okay guys that’s it for today. I hope you liked this, and tell me if I should write a part #3. And if you liked this, hit that like button. And follow for more such stuff. Till then, we meet again

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5 Weird Phobias

A phobia is an irrational fear of an object, situation or living thing. While fear is a natural response to danger, phobias often occur in response to something unlikely to cause real harm.


Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking on the roof of one’s mouth. While the phenomenon has happened to everyone at one point or another, people with this phobia are extremely scared of it. Its severity varies from person to person. Some with this condition may be able to eat small amounts of peanut butter while others may avoid eating peanut butter or anything with the consistency of peanut butter altogether.

Arachibutyrophobia can stem from a great phobia of things that are sticky or fear of choking. It may also stem from a traumatic incident with the peanut butter such as choking on or being allergic to it.

Arachibutyrophobia comes from the Greek words-”arach” for “groundnut” and “butyr” for butter.

Is Peanut Butter Good for Diabetics? - Diabetes Self-Management


Nomophobia is the fear of being without your mobile phone. People with nomophobia experience excessive anxiety about not having their phone with them, their battery being low or their phone being out of service. Regardless of the circumstances, not being able to use their phone causes people with nomophobia to become panicked and experience extreme symptoms of anxiety.

This phobia often stems from a person having a cell phone addiction. People with this phobia may obsessively check their phone throughout the day.

Nomophobia can also be referred to as “no mobile phobia”.

Free Photo | Man using mobile smartphone.


Many people grow up dreading math class-but people with arithmophobia have a genuine fear of numbers. People with this fear usually experience anxiety associated with doing math or dealing with numbers in general, versus fear of actually seeing the number symbols. Arithmophobia can significantly impair a person’s life, as it is difficult to do many tasks or occupations without dealing with numbers.

The words Arithmophobia have Greek origins where the root word stands for numbers.

The fear of numbers is also sometimes referred to as “Numerophobia”

What is Math - JavaTpoint


Xanthophobia is a fear of the colour yellow. People with Xanthophobia are usually also afraid of any object that is yellow, such as school buses and flowers. People with xanthophobia may avoid the colour yellow at all costs. This phobia tends to interfere with everyday life, as yellow things can be found everywhere.

The common cause of this phobia is unhappy experiences involving the colour yellow, like getting stung by a bee or even getting hit by a yellow car or school bus

Xanthophobia is originated from the greek word “xanthos” meaning yellow.

Shades of yellow - Wikipedia


Ephebiphobia is a fear of adolescents or youth. People with ephebiphobia perceive teenagers as out of control or dangerous. People with this phobia believe that teenagers are rude, unpredictable and do not follow rules. This fear is thought to develop from the negative portrayal of teenagers in the media. People with ephebiphobia are afraid of teenagers and will not want to be around them. People with this fear may avoid going to a friend’s house if they have teenagers or going to places where teenagers tend to hang out.

The word is formed from the greek word “ephebos”, meaning youth or adolescent.


Teens and Freedom | Better Homes & Gardens

That’s it for today. I hope you liked this. Comment which of these phobias you found the weirdest. Tell me what phobia you have and if I should write part two. As far as I am concerned, I have Coulrophobia [Fear of Clowns]. Till then we meet again-

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Olivia Stephens

PS- I inserted this GIF at midnight……. I am now scared.😳😳

Hitting Puberty

Hitting Puberty

Yes teen, herself talking about puberty. Haha. Not funny. Okay, I’m sure we all know about puberty. We have all read it in textbooks. But there are certain things the text books do not convey. So I am here to spill some tea [share some personal incidents also].

Before hitting puberty, we don’t care how we look, how we sound, how we appear to people. Because one is always pampered you when you’re a kid-no matter you like it or not. But after puberty-oh boy you won’t recognize us. You won’t believe that we’re the same kid you pampered a few years ago. No. Instead we try our best to look good. And there are a few sour people-who find faults even in the most perfect thing [like me]. So this self consciousness leads to types of people, that is it directs to two ways- 1) People who think they are perfect. 2) people like me😑😑. 

With age comes responsibility. We are given choices at age and it’s so confusing for us which makes it more difficult for us to choose. Even a Libra can choose better and faster. Like grow up please-who am i even talking to? I myself am I teen. Okay I wish someone please help us choose between stuff. Okay so I personally think that this happens to us because we are not experienced so it makes it difficult for us to choose the right decisions. 

This this is very important and dangerous at the same time everyone like-as the people don’t think they’ve excelled at everything from. At this age everyone around seems like a senseless idiot. Like everyone except for a few people like friends, family and crushes. We have our own fantasy world. If someone discovers that world-oh my-our fantasy world can turn a healthy fit man to an unhealthy malnutritioned man, But for a few people-like our parents, this fantasy world can be a great comedy show. Arey-thodi si privacy rakho [Translation- Please give us some privacy]

English well this will be relatable if you’re Indian. If you notice most of the teens over here converse in English. Without any reason? Why? Like what’s so cool about English? These days even a street beggar understands English. And look at me, I myself am writing in English. See-a live proof. [Self Destruction].

Crush ,ah huh speak out his/her name-red beetroot cheeks, no blush needed-natural beauty. Oh ho! Okay so I don’t have much to say about crushes because I don’t have much to say about crushes because I don’t have a high school crush-(Why am I even saying stuff like this). Whatever it is-crush to me is just an illusion. It’s your liking for a short period of time which you consider as your love. Please learn the difference and then decide your feelings. Because showing indecisiveness while choosing your feelings is ridiculous.

Teens like to show off, a LOT. and why? I can’t even explain. But I can’t explain this to you with an example. There’s a craze for Apple products among teens. They don’t care whether the Android product has more features or not. They just need that Apple logo. Okay let’s say that your parents give you that Apple product, let’s just say that-we shouldn’t but we’re flexible we’ll adjust. But then the problem arises when you decide to show it off. Okay we get it that you’re rich-you’re beloved by your parents. Showing it off to your close friends is also fine. But to everyone? That’s not okay at all. Never. We’ll then hear news that you even showed it to the janitor of your school.

First of all follow me on Instagram-@mymindspeaks09. Please. Then we’ll start ranting. Social media is another place-full of junk material. Like seriously? The pics of your posting-I have nothing to say about it. Because even if I say something-I’ll talk about myself too. I also do what other girls post [Note-I said do]. But I have a question: why are you writing a caption that has no connection to your pic? And sometimes, I think that you also don’t understand what you’re posting. Like the literal meaning of the caption. Oh, btw- I am #shameless.

Phone addiction. Every teen has it. It has a lot of private stuff-which parents don’t really need to read. The stuff that can piss off parents, but not us. You don’t need to know what private stuff I’ve in my phone,so let’s move on. I understand, you do that because we at this age go off exploring stuff, which is not good for us. But I can tell you one thing, I am innocent.

I don’t know about other people-but I hit puberty a little early. And I started having strange addictions. For example-dark and creepy stuff, rain, coffee and also a lot of other stuff I can’t really reveal here.

Mood swings-ah common for me. Today I was laughing like a mental hospital patient and then suddenly I became sad. So yeah this was just an example.

Okay- that’s it for today. I’m running out of ideas. Please feel free to email me at For some ideas-or put them in the comments down. Leave a like if you found this relatable. And follow for more such lectures. Till then we meet again-

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YouTube Comment Section be Like

YouTube , it’s an obsession everyone has. Or maybe not everyone, but I believe everyone has visited YouTube once in their life. I have an obsession with YouTube. Now if I am visiting YouTube and not visiting the comment section, it’s wrong. I need content. YouTube comments can help. And the more you say about YouTube’s comments, the lesser it is.

Photo by Pixabay on

1] Setting up Targets

These people-ugh this is a new trend which started a few days ago. These people are beginners on youtube-and they go on the  channels of famous youtubers and then they start begging subscribers. See- it is okay to ask for subscribers-it’s fine you’re ambitious. But why would you want to go out of your status [don’t take offence]. Like I saw a person commenting the other day- saying. Thank you for 24 subscribers-please make it to one million. How do you expect it? It takes blood, sweat, tears, time. Efforts patience and so many things to reach that milestone.

Translation-Thank you guys for 24 subscribers. Please quickly make it to 1 million

2] Xavier’s Comments

I have seen too many YouTube videos-and there is a Xavier everywhere. And how many Xaviers are there? The number of Xavier’s comments are increasing faster than the cases of corona [I have corona]. Like is this Xavier virus or something?

3] Legends

Ahem- Uh YouTube comments have taken the word Legend into a whole new meaning. Every comment section has this lame dumbass who comments-legends are here after 10 million. Arey-no one cares. No one, trust me no one does. And you’re not a legend. By commenting that you’re just giving yourself self satisfaction or self help because you found an amazing talented person late.

4] Firsts

A youtuber uploads a video-and you click on it.and you find at least 50 people fighting that they’re first. How in the freaking hell can 50 people be first? How some one please explain or tell it to me. I have nothing else to say yaar.

5] Genuine Comments

Honestly there are very few people who comment good stuff. Which are genuine-which you like. But the thing is you don’t really like them (on the phone screen). Which makes the comment section trash. Cause most of the comments are stupid having too many likes, which overlay the good comments.

6] Lovers

Yes it is okay to have a crush on a YouTuber. [I myself have a crush on a YouTuber] And it is okay to express it in the comment section. But spamming it is not okay at all. Never. How can it be okay? Like honey I am trying to find a genuine comment here and you’re spamming. I have a better idea, just go and make a fan page on Instagram. Follow me on Instagram- @mymindspeaks09. [That’s a good promotion strategy] {I am thinking how shameless I am}.

7] Haters

More like people who compare between two people. Wow! Why do you need to compare? Everyone is good at something which the other person might not be. So there’s no need to compare. Why? Stop comparing guys. Everyone is good at their own field. And that’s why few people have haters.

8] Copying Comments 

BRUH INTENSIFIES. Why? Why do the people get irritated while people copy comments? Why-can’t you just mind your own business? And stop interfering with what other people are doing? And to all the people who copy comments-I have an idea for you-Please stop copying comments because there are people who might abuse you. And you wouldn’t want to get abused by random strangers online-would you?

9] People who died who died but still can comment

People not using common sense. Literally under every comedy video there will be a guy-no matter what happens, he will give the senseless freaking comment saying-I died laughing. How in the world are you commenting then? THE GODS GAVE YOU AN INTERNET CONNECTION TO WATCH CARRYMINATI VIDEOS OR SOMETHING? 

10] People who pray for you

People who pray for you. These people pray for you in every way possible. They are just saying-Like this comment so that you become a millionaire. How do you even comment that? Like you have personal contacts with miracles or something? That you’ll call it and it will occur to the people who liked your comment?

Okay that’s it for today’s lecture. I hope you like my lecture unlike your teacher’s lecture during online class. But who cares? YouTube comments are not  changing anyway. And if you’re reading this and you liked this break that like button. And follow for more random stuff like lectures and more senseless talks. Till then

Signing Off

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